Most Beautiful Visiting Place in Bangladesh

Landscape of St Martin Island

There is a famous song by legendary John Denver, “Country Road”. Whenever that is heard anywhere near the earbud, we feel like cruising through the beautiful highways of Bangladesh. There is a huge number of beautiful visiting place in Bangladesh that you can ever count. However, our effort will remain constant to give you a few subtle briefs on this topic.

According to the recent survey of the World Bank, Bangladesh is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the whole world. This is one of the most attractive countries in the South Asian region.  You can easily find thousands of beautiful visiting places in Bangladesh. This country has two bordering country. One is India and the other is Myanmar. Bangladesh is really famous for beautiful places all over the country. The natural beauties of Bangladesh are very much attractive for travelers.

The tourism sector in Bangladesh is developing day by day. Thankfully, Bangladesh has both sea and hillside areas. But the most important fact is the friendly attitude of the people of Bangladesh that will always surprise you. Most importantly the people of rural areas are the best for providing any kind of help to the tourist. These people have their own style to welcome guests everywhere.

What you need more when you have such kind of people and extremely beautiful Mother nature? In this content, you will know about some beautiful visiting places in Bangladesh.

9 Most Beautiful Visiting Place in Bangladesh

Making a short list of the top-most visiting places of beautiful Bangladesh is really difficult for us, as the Mother Nature has overwhelmed us with many gifts. So, it was really a challenge for us to find you the places that you should really want to visit.

After visiting all the famous places and gathering a lot of information we have found 9 most beautiful visiting places in Bangladesh. We are not saying others are not worthy to pay a visit. But these sites have some unique specialties for the tourists.  So, read carefully and don’t miss a single site. And enjoy beautiful Bangladesh.

  1. Mangrove Forest of Sundarbans

Mangrove Forest of Sundarbans comes first among the beautiful visiting places in Bangladesh. Mangrove Forest of Sundarbans is the biggest mangrove forest in the world. UNESCO declared it as a world heritage site. So, that’s really a good achievement for this country.  Sundarbans have two parts. One is in the area of Bangladesh and the rest of it is located in the neighboring country India.

According to the area Bangladesh holds the main and the maximum part of this Mangrove Forest. This forest has resourceful wildlife verities. It is called the home of Royal Bengal tigers. The other wildlife has their eye-catching beauty which is very important to enjoy nature. Visiting this place may give you a lifetime experience and adventure. For this reason, it is our first choice for you to visit.

2. The Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is situated in the south-eastern side of Bangladesh. This small town is mainly known for its eye-catching beach views. Cox’s Bazar is another beautiful visiting place in Bangladesh.  You will see the beauty of the Bay of Bengal in this Cox’s Bazar.  The coastal view of this area is totally mind-blowing if you compare it with the other sites all over the world. The whole area enclosed in salty fishing skiffs. The bustling jetties have given it another dimension to the beauty of its nature. It has a remarkable 120 kilometers long beach. This beach is located in from north to south along the seaside of the Bay of Bengal. This beach is one of the longest beaches on the planet. It is definitely a good place to spend your summer.

3. The St. Martin’s Island

The St. Martin’s Island has become the most attractive tourist destination of the beautiful Bangladesh, since it is the only coral island in this country. The ocean view is just incomparable and unreal. For this reason, it has made a strong statement in the top 9 of our short list of beautiful visiting places in Bangladesh. This island is located in the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh.  It is undoubtedly a great place to visit mainly for all the beach lovers.

Maximum local tourists go on a day trip while visiting this island.  It becomes truly silent in the afternoon. You can find some facilities to stay in any resort or hotels. Most of them come with a private beach regarding the full services. It is really the most beautiful place in Bangladesh to take rest for some days.

4. Hill-Tracts area of Chittagong

Hill-Tracts are the most popular for the maximum adventure lovers.  For having a lot of hills and their tracts this place has become one of the most demanding places in Bangladesh. Hill-Tracts area of Chittagong is an obviously gorgeous place for getting a vacation. Chittagong is full of attractive hills. The natural beauty and cultural life are the most daunting features of this place. You can find a lot of tribal group in Bangladesh in this place. This is the most beautiful place in Bangladesh for any kind of adventure travel. Tribal region and lifestyle will give you some extra fun. It allows you to see one of the most stunning rivers in Bangladesh. It is called the Sangu River.  It is really a great place to visit for any type of adventure traveler.

5. Srimangal

Srimangal is located in Sylhet. Actually, it is the north-eastern part of the country It is called the tea capital of this beautiful Bangladesh.  There are a lot of green tea gardens all over this Srimangal. It is a place of nice and full calm place. Outing in this area can give you maximum peace in mind. Cycling, camping, outing is the main things to do for this area. The total green city will give you more harmony. This place is one of the most beautiful visiting places in Bangladesh for the family tour.  Lawachhara National Park, Hamham waterfalls are two main attractions in this green city.

6. Rangamti

Rangamti is one of the most beautiful districts of Chittagong areas. Kaptai Lake is the main attraction to visit this place. It is a stunning manmade lake. It is encircled by a lot of beautiful hills. Boating is along the captain lake is the main things to do at Rangamati. You can enjoy the whole day by having stunning boat riding too. Like the Hill-Tracts area of Chittagong, Rangamati also has a lot of tribal groups.  Their handmade products and their lifestyle will give you some extra pleasure. Rajban Bihar which is a Buddhist monastery is also a good place to visit.

7. Bagerhat

This city is not as well-known as Dhaka, Chittagong or Sylhet, Srimangal.  But, this city is one of the most peaceful cities in the south-west part of Bangladesh. This city has an array of remarkable attractions. This city was founded in the middle of the 15th century.  The great Sufi Saint Khan Jahan Ali founded this city. This city is called the home of the Shait Gumbad Mosque. 50 Islamic monuments can be found in this city. 60 Dome Mosque is the most famous among all of them. It is on the list of UNESCO world heritage site. If you like to visit the historic place, then it is heaven for you. A lot of historic artifacts will really take your breath away.

8. Sonargaon

The deserted merchant city Panam Nagar is the main attraction of Sonargaon. This city was the old capital of Bengal in the medieval era. Some Hindu merchants founded this city.  This city was one of the cities of wealthy Hindu merchant city at that time. 52 houses are still remaining until that time.  Really it is a great place for the history lovers. A lot of museum can be found all over this city. All of them are full of beautiful artifact and old treasures. If you want to know about old Bangladesh, this place definitely should be on your list.

9. Paharpur

Paharpur is situated in the recent Naogaon District. It is mainly famous for its Somapura Mahavihara. It is also in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city is most well known for the Buddhist temple. It was built in the nearly 8th century by local people. This Buddhist temple is one of the most charming Buddhist archeological sites in South Asia. The architectural plan was really wonderful.


To some extent, traveling the small towns in Bangladesh is better than traveling the densest or famous places. It can make you feel happy without getting bored. By reading this article you already know the most beautiful visiting paces in Bangladesh. Now, it is your decision to visit those destinations as soon as possible. It is a perfect place to escape from your daily busy life.  All the places suggested here can give you the most relaxed moments in your life. So, think about it and be ready for your next tour. If you like our content let us know. Any kind of your suggestion can give us the perfect direction to bring you more interesting and wonderful places.  Please, share this information if you like these beautiful visiting places in Bangladesh.