Blackout Period: What is Your Travel Plan During this Period?

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Finding a window for a vacation in our busy life is not that much easy. The minimum time period you need is at least three days straight – you can find such gap four to fives in a year. So naturally, people crowd up the popular tourist destinations in these times. Result? A massive blackout period for hotel vacancies and transport tickets occurring though these times.  

Such blackout period at hotel can be considered as the two vacations for Eid, New Year, Long Holiday and some luckily found bridged-off-days. Thousands of travel enthusiasts have to face a common toil – “No rooms available!”

Typically, a blackout period or blackout dates mean that you cannot get any kind of discounts or special packages as the tourist season is at peak.

So, what should be your move to stay ahead of this situation? Don’t worry, we have some brilliant tricks for you.

Just follow these hacks to have a worry-free tour with your loved ones.

Plan Ahead, Stay Ahead!

One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that Cox’s Bazar or Sajek is going to be during Eid or New Year. If you are actually wiling to visit these places, you should plan ahead. You can even try placing hotel bookings at least two months before your journey. Better safe than sorry, right?

Blackout Period

Not only you will get best deals possible but also can book your favorite rooms in your favorite hotels. This is the full-proof plan that will give you sense of assurance.

If by any chance anything goes south, you can cancel your booking with much ease with highest refund amount.

Find Alternative Options

If you have made your tour plan all on a sudden for an upcoming blackout date, the chances of getting a hotel booking is quite slim. So, you should widen up your search criteria. You might not get the best room available but there are a lot of new hotels that have just as good facilities or view for you and your gang.  

You could check the wide collection of hotels in to get the best possible accommodation.

Avoid Seeking Help from Local Brokers

You might find some locals at the tourist points offering you help. At first, it might seem a generous courtesy but let us warn you. There is no way for you to be sure if they are truly help you or rob your money! These people might be planning to con you or harm you!

Always place your hotel bookings via a trusted source to avoid unnecessary nuisances.

Always Book Hotels Before You Arrive

There are some people who don’t believe in paying for booking before seeing the hotel. Such mentality could backfire in the on-season. There is still some chance that you could instant rooms available during the off season but there is no way you would get any hotel available in busy days. Make sure you have booked weeks before you arrive at the destinations. There will be tourists swarming the area so booking even months prior is not a weird decision.

Avoid Going to Common Destinations

There is a stereotypical belief among us Bangladeshis is that there no better tourist destination than Cox’s Bazar, St. Martin’s island, or Sajek valley. We ask you to have a broader perspective. There are so many great tourist destinations that you can pick in the blackout dates. Not only placing bookings would be easier but also you can enjoy the nature’s serenity without being suffocated among the crowd.

blackout period at hotel

What should your destinations then?

You could enjoy Ratar Gul swamp forest, go deep into jungle of Bandarban to Amiakhum or Shat Bhai khum, visit Sundarbans, or even Kuakata. Moreover, Cox’s Bazar is more beautiful during the off season where you can freely move in the beach!

Social Media is the Answer

Sometimes you cannot get to know everything from a hotel’s website, especially the special deals. It’s quite sad but the companies don’t often update information in their website. Rather they depend on social media platforms for marketing and reaching out.

To be more specific, you need to visit their Facebook business page as Facebook is very popular among the internet users in Bangladesh. Even in the peak tourist season, you can get different promotional offers from a lot of hotels and resorts.

Ask for Special Deal while Booking

If you are traveling in large groups or planning to stay for more that three nights, you have the right to ask for a discount. But it would be wise to discuss the matter while you are placing the booking.

Not only you might get a great deal but also you can clarify everything without the chance of occurrence of any hassle. We are not asking you force them for any discount as it is the peak season but gently ask them – they might be generous.

Getting a Membership

If you love visiting any particular place or maybe go to any destination for business purpose, you might consider yourself getting enrolled in the loyalty scheme or membership.

blackout period

If you have a membership scheme with a hotel, your chance of getting a room or a discount soars up. Moreover, you will be treated like a VIP and who doesn’t want that?

Do You Have a Local Friend?

Having a local friend with some connections can come handy while travelling a popular tour destination in this period. You might even get a miraculous accommodation facility even in the busiest hotel! The hotel management teams respect the locals very much.

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Finding a great place to stay during the blackout period is hectic. However, if you can impose the described ideas, your journey will be a comfortable and relaxed one. So, don’t worry and plan for your well-deserved vacation even in the busy peak season too