Cox’s Bazar Tour Guideline for Domestic and Foreign Tourist

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There is a phrase that is very popular in the west, “When everything goes wrong, go right”. In terms of Bangladesh, it shall be, “When everything gets wrong, go to Cox’s Bazar.” Yes, folks, we are about talking about the most demanding, most enchanting and the most beautiful tourist destination of Bangladesh, the Cox’s Bazar. The mother nature has blessed us with so many gifts. But, there is nothing like that world’s longest sea beach. This very Cox’s Bazar tour guideline will take you to this dreamy place in a minute. So, let’s start.

Cox’s Bazar – Where the Amusement Starts

Being a local people of Bangladesh if you think about any tour, Cox’s Bazar comes in the first choice. It is the ultimate truth, isn’t it? It is not only true about domestic travelers, but also for the foreign tourist. Recently, Cox’s Bazar is getting a lot of visitors from all over the world every year.  The main attraction of this small town is the world’s biggest beach. Visiting all around this town is really more adventurous. It gives a perfect relaxing pleasure to anyone. The coastal area and the hillside sea view become a perfect combination for you.

Cox’s Bazar

Due to the lack of proper publicity, this location has been often overlooked by the people all around the world. The development of the tourism sector and a perfect Cox’s Bazar tour guideline may become very handy and best weapon to get more visitors.  The development is a government issue but by giving a proper cox’s bazar tour guideline we can help you to enjoy views of this world’s biggest beach. In this article, you will get an accurate Cox’s Bazar tour guideline. So, read this article carefully and be ready for your next visit to cox’s bazaar.

Cox’s Bazar Tour Guideline for All Ages

Before visiting Cox’s Bazar, we all should know some history and some details location of it. After that, we will go forward to offer you a beautiful guideline.

Facts regarding Cox’s Bazar

This town was named by a man called Captain Hiram Cox. Its original name is Palanki Cox’s. This town was founded in 1799 as a market. From then the market is Cox’s Bazar.  The total area of Cox’s Bazar is about 249186 square kilometers.  This is situated in the main Chittagong district. On the North side, you can find Chittagong and Myanmar on the east side. The west and south side is bonded with of the Bay of Bengal. There are 5 rivers in it. They are Bakkhali, Rezu, Matamuhuri, Kohaliya, and Naphanadi. It has some beautiful islands. St Martin’s Island is the most remarkable one for visiting. Others are Kutubdia, Sahaparira, Sonadia, Maheshkhali, etc.

Few Historical Places of Cox’s Bazar You’d Visit

In this part of our Cox’s Bazar tour guideline, we will present you a number of beautiful places.  All the places presented here has a remarkable historical value or geographical importance to all the tourists. Some of them situated beside the bay and others are in peaceful and natural locations.

  • Ajagabi mosque

This mosque was built by Shah Shuja. The Ajagabi mosque was made in the time 1600 – 1700 AD. This mosque is called mosque Chowdhury Para by the local inhabitants. It is one of the most valuable historical places in Bangladesh.

  • Buddhist Temples

You can find so many Buddhist temples in Cox’s Bazar.  All of them are made in the old patterns.  Maximum of them are built in the time of 1790.  You can get the maximum peace in these architectural structures. Chenkhaiba Kang, Buddhist Kang and the temples around Ramu are the most remarkable one among all of them.

  • Adinath temple

Adinath temple is situated in Maheshkhali.  You can find Shiva statue which is one of the oldest statues in Bangladesh. On the other side, astabhuja can be found. It takes 45-55 minutes by boat from the main town of Cox’s Bazar.

The Beautiful Beaches and Islands of Cox’s Bazar

Now, we are heading to some beautiful places of Cox’s Bazar. All the places have their own nature to please the tourist around it.

  • Laboni point

Laboni point is one of the world’s greatest beaches. It is the main beach of Cox’s Bazaar. This place will give you a really relaxing experience to enjoy the beauty of the beach.  The waves of the sea and view of the sunset will really take your breath away.

  • Himchori

Himchori is located only 1 kilometer away from the main Cox’s Bazar town. It is one of the best places in Cox’s Bazar. You can enjoy both the beach and Mountain View from here.  During the spring Himchori becomes chilling cold. 

  • Inani beach

It is 8 km away from Cox’s Bazar. Inani beach is in the east bank side of town. It is another attractive location to visit in Cox’s Bazar. This beach is called the Mini Saint Martin of this town. It is famous for its vast rocky beach and crystal clear water.

  • Kutubdia Island

Kutubdia Island is one of the most beautiful places in Cox’s Bazar.  The total area is about 16 square kilometers. It is famous for the old landmarks, kalarama Aulia Mosque, and the tomb of Qutb and most importantly for the ancient lighthouse. 

  • St. Martin’s Island

St. Martin’s Island is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations all over the country.  It is a full coral island. The main island is located in the northeastern part of the sea. The island is full of wildlife resources. It is the cleanest and peaceful island to spend a long vacation.

Accommodation Facility in Cox’s Bazar

In this part of our Cox’s Bazar tour guideline, we will discuss the accommodation system of this town. Being one of the most visited tourist destinations among the local areas it is easy to find the best hotel deals in Cox’s Bazar. The number of these hotels is increasing day by day according to the number of tourists. These hotels are not the only things to consider the accommodation in this town. Besides these hotels, you can find a motel, resort, and cottage all over Cox’s Bazar. Cox’s Bazar hotel booking process is one of the easiest works for any kind of tourist. The online booking system is very effective here. It has made this Cox’s Bazar hotel booking system much easier for the foreign tourists. Most of the hotels have their own websites for online booking.  

Just search the name of the hotel and the locations of it in Google to get the website.  All of them come with their hotline numbers. Booking procedure is open for all and it works 24 hours a day. The hotel cost depends on the number of stars and the facility of it. You also have to check twice the categories of room for getting budget-friendly hotels. Carefully set the sign in and sign out date to avoid all kind of problems.

More Cox’s Bazar Travel Info

Travel guidelines are the most important information to know before going to travel any place. Without this valuable, all the journey can be so much horrible for anyone. So, carefully get all the important information about the place you are going to visit. It is better to get started with a proper plan and organized directional info.  In this section of our Cox’s Bazar tour guideline, we will briefly discuss the travel guideline towards Cox’s bazaar or from Cox’s bazaar.  To reach Cox’s bazaar you may use any facility from Air or Bus. It is much easy for the foreign tourist to use the domestic flight to reach Cox’s bazaar.  You can also choose the bus service to reach there. There is another way to there by renting a car or SUV. But it is mostly due to the long road to drive. So bus and air service are most popular among all the methods. It takes only 45 minutes to go to Cox’s Bazar by Air from Dhaka. So, it is the quickest way to go to Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh beach. There are several domestic airlines available for this service such as US Bangla Airlines, Novo Air, Regent Airways, etc. Tor the economical flight, you can use the government service by the Biman Bangladesh Airlines.

Due to not having the direct train, the train is the most neglected way to reach Cox’s Bazar. It takes a lot of extra time to go there.

Bus service is very popular for being the most economical and comfortable way to go Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka as well as Chittagong. Saudiya, Mercedes Benz S Alam, Volvo Green Line, Hanif Enterprise, Sohag transportation, etc are the most favorite bus services to choose to go there. They have both AC and Non-AC service for the tourists. The price depends on the class and the facilities you want.


Writing a tour guideline is always hard. But, when it is Cox’s Bazar, we just love it. We personally tried to go there with all the possible ways and visited all the remarkable places to provide you with the best information. We tried to gather all the possible information about the Cox’s Bazar hotel booking system. During this time, we investigated a lot about the accommodations of this town. All the information given this Cox’s Bazar tour guideline is collected most recently. If you find this guideline is helpful and good, please share with your friends. If you have any good ideas about our topic let us know. And most importantly, don’t forget to give your feedback to us.