Kuakata Tour Guide – A Short Trip to the Underrated Sea Beach of Bangladesh

Kuyakata tour guide

Are you a Sea lover? Is the ocean roar make your crazy? Is sea beach your always favorite? Then do not underestimate the surreal beauty of Kuakata. We believe that Kuakata is a severely underrated tourist destination in Bangladesh. Through the following Kuakata tour guide, our effort will remain constant to move your mind for paying a trip to Kuakata as soon as possible.

Kuakata – A Gem to Discover More 

Kuakata is an exceptional spot in Bangladesh Eco-Tourism destination located in the south west coastal area. Just 70 kilometers away from Patuakhali, 320 kilometers from Dhaka and it is close to the Sundarban. The attractive sandy beach of Kuakata appeals tourists because one can watch both Sunset and Sunrise on Sea from Kuakata tour. Kuakata name originated from the word Kua English word “Well” Rakhine dug on the shore in quest of gathering drinking water, who landed on Kuakata coast after getting barred from the Arakan by Moughals.

The beach at kuakata is about 30-kilometers long and gently slopes into the water. This allows visitors an enjoyable bath or swim, a stroll and lazy relaxation on the beach. Now, how about the more details part of Kuakata tour guide? Scroll down for more.

Kuakata Tour Guide – How to Go?

Our Kuakata tour guide will hopefully be able to tour every corner for making a successful tour in Kuakata. From Dhaka you can find ships that will take you to Patuakhali, there are many ships that south-west to Patuakhali. And from Patuakhali you have to take bus that will take up to 1.5 hours to reach Kuakata. You can also go directly with Bus from Dhaka.

When you are in Kuakata do notforget to walk and feel the long sea beach and the natural sceneries there. There are lot of Places you can visit in your Kuakata tour.

  1. Kuakata Sea Beach Sunrise and sunset

Kuakata is one of the rarest places to see the complete see of both dawn and dusk from the same place. For that reason, it makes Kuakata one of the world’s interesting shorelines. Kuakata contains a wide sandy shoreline. The Kuakata shoreline is around30-kilometer-long and 6-kilometer-wide sandy shoreline. Kuakata is the only shoreline within the world where travelers can appreciate dawn and nightfall see from the same shoreline.

2. Narikel Bagan

Narikel Bagan (Coconut Garden) is the decent place to visit. It is located at the eastern side of the ocean shoreline. It isn’t exceptionally distant separate from Kuakata shoreline. So visitors can reach there effectively by strolling. According to the nearby individuals these coconut plant is more than 40 years ancient. There are lots of coconut trees in that region.

3. Shutkipolli

Shutki polli is another place at Kuakata where a traveler can visit. It is found 4 kilometers west from Kuakata shoreline. In that place one can get the encounter of how to create dry fish (shutki).

4. Lebur chor

Lebur chor is found at five 5-kilometer east of Kuakata shoreline. Lebur (Lemon) chor is locally moreover known as Lembur chor or ‘Nembur chor’. This chor is approximately 1000 acres. There are numerous sorts of trees and plants in this chor. Lebur chor will be another appealing place for the travelers. It is full of natural excellence and this place is completely exceptional.

5. Buddhist Temple

Buddhist Sanctuary is located 4-kilometer away from Kuakata shoreline. Visitors may visit there by any vehicles. This Buddhist Statue is the largest Buddhist Statue in SouthAsia. You can see 200 years old walls along with the Statue. Visitors discover the approximately hundred year’s ancient antiquated convention and social legacy of conventional Rakhyne tribal families and Buddhist Sanctuary.

6. Eco Park

The Eco Park is allocated in the zones of Gangamati, Latachaplee, Khajura, Fatrar chor and Tengragiri in Kuakata ocean shoreline. The Eco Stop is encompassed by mangrove and non-mangrove forest. There are numerous sorts of trees and plants in this stop and it is the secure settling of winged creatures. Approximately 42000 plants are found in this stop. The Eco Stop is the vital traveler spots for the Kuakata ocean shoreline visitors. Visitors will get the natural wonders by going to this Eco Park.

7. Jhaubon

Jhaubon is exceptionally excellent place at Kuakata. Jhau bon is near to the ocean shoreline. Jhaubon is created by Government. Travelers can visit there by strolling. Jhaubon is encompassed by numerous Jhau trees and coconut trees. This location is perfect to see the sunrise vie. There’s an awesome Eco park at Jhaubo. This Ecopark should be an amazing location for visitors. Jhaubon an excellent place to sit and chill out. Jhau bon is exceptionally celebrated and a well-acquainted location for guests. Visitors come here for recreation. Early within the morning, the sun rising view can be seen from this corner.

 Fatra’s chor is a pleasant visitor place. FromKuakata visitors may visit the Fatrar Chor. It is a part of Sundarban forest. Fatrar Chor is additionally known as Fatrar Bon. As the Fatrar Chor is the portion of Sundarban so there you can find Mangrove forest. Fatrar Bon is decently huge forest in Kuakata. There are numerous Timber trees here. At first, the traveler has to lease a motor vessel close the shoreline. It may take almost an hour to travel from Kuakata. After the exciting travel visitor will reach atFatrar chor or Fatrar bon. There’s a decent canal in that place and woodland close to the canal.

9. Gangamati Reserved Forest

Gangamati Reserved Forest is an evergreen mangrove forest. The best way to reach the Gangamati Reserved Forest is by foot or bicycle. Evening is the idealize time to see the sun caste shadows on the unique exposed mangrove roots. Here visitor will see the different sorts of fowls, evergreen forest, huge trees, sands etc. Gongamoti bon is somewhat away from Kuakata ocean shoreline so traveler can visit here effectively.

Final Words

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We think that travelers should consider Kuakata more often for making a trip new ocean. If this Kuakata tour guide can help you even if a little bit, this would be our success. We wish you a very successful trip to Kuakata. Let this Kuakata tour guide be the ultimate guide for you.

Take care. Have a nice journey.