Most Visiting Place in Barisal: Let’s Make a Different Kind of Tour!


Without a doubt, Bangladesh is a land of natural wonders. Though we always focus towards the Eastern side of Bangladesh as they are considered wilder and more beautiful, we cannot ignore the southern beauty of Barisal in any way. So, we will try to drag your focus to this southern area of Bangladesh and tell you about the most visiting place in Barisal.

Of course, the magnificent sea beach of Kuakata would be one of the most spectacular places here. However, we would try to talk about some of the great places in Barisal city too.

Let’s start!

Durga Sagar

We will start the listings with one of the favorite places of the native people of Barisal – the Durga Sagar. If you ever ask a person from Barisal about some of the most visiting places in Barisal, he or she will definitely tell you to visit Durga Sagar. The place is also known as Madhabpasha Dighi by the locals.

It is one of the biggest lakes in the southern parts of Bangladesh having a gigantuous area of 2,500 hectares or 25 square kilometers!

tourist places in Barisal Bangladesh

This historical lake was a blessing of a Southern queen named Durga. The little land in the middle of the lake would be the most iconic beauty of the lake.

Durga Sagar is about 11 kilometers away from the center of the Barisal city. The majestic scenario of the lake would definitely blow your mind.

Baitul Aman Mosque

Next, we would talk about the most iconic structural wonder of the city – the Baitul Aman Mosque. If you go along the road of the Durga Sagar and move forward, you can find this magnificent place.

most visiting places in Barisal

Some argue that Baitul Aman is the most beautiful mosque of the Southern region of the country. This mosque come Eidgah complex looks even more spectacular after dusk. You should definitely pay a visit here if you want to hit all the most visiting places in Barisal.

Swarupkathi Floating Market

We all know what Barisal is famous for – a ton of the mighty rivers crisscrossing the land. You might have heard about the famous floating market of Thailand and all the stories revolving around it.

Barisal Bangladesh tourism

You would certainly be amazed seeing a floating market in this country. The floating market of Swarupkathi is mainly popular for the juicy guavas – the apple of Bengal. It is a great add-on in Barisal Bangladesh tourism. Thousands of farmers in the southern districts rely on guava farming.

In the harvest season, all the farmers gather here selling guavas to the merchants coming from all over the country especially in Dhaka.

Bibir Pukur

If you are planning to visit someplace inside the urban area in Barisal, you must consider the famous Bibir Pukur. It is situated in the heart of the city. You can often see the locals gathering here in groups sharing the stories. Bibir Pukur is a very lively place, we must say.

Although, we should tell you something, it is not someplace where you would visit to see some natural scenic beauty. If you are curious seeing how the local people from Barisal spend their time, then this the right place for you.


Okay, it is going to be a big section as you know. Kuakata is one of the A-listed places to visiting in Bangladesh a crown jewel in tourist places in Barisal Bangladesh. Kuakata would be the second most popular sea beach in Bangladesh right after Cox’s Bazar.

As tourism is thriving here in Kuakata, you will find some of the great hotels here too. However, you shouldn’t expect too much. You can get the best Kuakata hotels rates only from – you trusted partner in traveling in Bangladesh. You will not only get the best deals, but also you can get to enjoy a flexible payment system that no other company can offer.

There is so much to do and so much see in Kuakata apart from having a great day on the beach. So, we would divide the Kuakata travel section two parts –

  • The Eastern Beach Section
  • The Western Beach Section

The Eastern Kuakata

You can roam around Kuakata in either paddled rickshaw vans or motorbikes. To get the best kind of thrill, we would suggest you taking the motorbike. In that way, you can see great places while feeling the adrenaline rush in your veins!

As you are taking the bike ride, the first place you will get to see is the Gangamatir Char. This the best place to see the sunrise. We should tell you that Kuakata is the only place where you get to enjoy both the sunrise and the sunset without any obstacles – the perfect view.

Just by the Gangmatir Char, you can check out the mystic lake of Gangamati. You might need to cross the lake by a small ferry boat. The other side of the lake is locally known as the Kauwar Char.

As you would ride along the sea beach, you will soon reach the island of the red crabs. Here you can see millions of red crabs swarming on the beach!

After that, you would soon reach the new Jhaubon or the forest of tamarisk trees. The previous forest was destroyed by the mighty cyclone Sidr in 2007.

 In the eastern section, there are some tribal villages locally known as Rakhain Misri para. There are two Buddha temples here too – the Seema Buddha Bihar and the Sreemangal Buddha Bihar.

The Western Kuakata

You might have guessed already – the eastern section is the place for sunrise, and the western section is the place to visit if you are planning to see the best sunset Bangladesh has to offer.

You can see this majestic sunset from the Sunset Point. On the way to get there, you can stop at the Lebur Char. Here, you can satisfy your appetite with tastiest fresh fishes Kuakata has to offer. You can have them either fried or Bar-B-Qed.

You might not know, but you have a taste of Sundarbans – the biggest mangrove forest in the world from Kuakata too. There is a small island just by the sunset point called the Fatrar Char or Fatrar Bon. Here, you can see the same mangrove trees of Sundarbans. Don’t get scared! There is no tiger here!

Final Words

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