8 Most Visiting Places in Bangladesh: Pack Your Bags!


Are you feeling trapped in your regular, boring daily routine? You, my friend, should skip the town for a couple of days freshen your mind up. You don’t need bundles of cash to visit the world – with a heart wild enough to roam and explore places would suffice.

Bangladeshis weren’t that much of a fan of traveling even a few years ago. But in recent years, the tourism sector has seen BOOMs! People are now much enthusiastic about traveling. We think that’s an immensely positive sign for us.

So, today, we are here with the ultimate list of most visiting places in Bangladesh. So, gang up with your friends and family and choose a destination that could bring serenity to your life.

The Ultimate Bangladesh Tour Guide

Cox’s Bazar

Undoubtedly, Cox’s Bazar will come to first place among the best tourist spots in Bangladesh. Well, you just cannot miss the world’s longest beach if you are planning to roam around in Bangladesh. There are two ways to enjoy the beauty of Cox’s Bazar – delving into the buzz and chaos of the festivities or complete relaxation in the tranquility of the sea.

If you want to enjoy the joy and festivities, we would suggest you visit the place in the New Year’s Eve in the late winter when the Kite Festival occurs. The locals know how to celebrate! The colors, the fireworks, and festivities will blow your mind away if you are a person full of life.

On the other hand, if you are tired of chaos and noise, we suggest you seek a less crowdy beach where no one goes.

Saint Martin’s Island, Cox’s Bazar

Saint Martin’s island could be the ultimate tourist destination who wants to escape the city life. The island is full of corals of different shapes and sizes and the cleanest beaches in Bangladesh. You could go for scuba diving to roam the small island in bicycles. If you feel tired, the tastiest fresh coconuts will quench your thirst.

Even the journey is exciting and refreshing. You will be cruising through the Naf river and in the Bay-of-Bengal. The hills on the right side and Myanmar on the left, you are going to have one hell of a journey. 


There is no way could ignore the world’s biggest mangrove forest. Sundarbans is the true definition of a dense forest. The forest is so thick that you cannot see even a few meters through the forest.

So, how do you enjoy the forest if you cannot see through the dense forest? The answer is rivers. There are 177 rivers only in the Bangladesh section of Sundarbans. You cannot get enough of the mighty Poshur river. We urge you to visit spots like Kotka sea beach, Sajenkhali watchtower, Hiron Point, Dublar Chor, and Tin Kona island.

The more you go deeper into the forest, the more you will enjoy it. Psst! You should plan your visit during a full moon. In the full moonlight, the beauty of Sundarbans become surrealistic.

Sajek Valley, Rangamati

A morning in the Sajek valley could change the way you look at life! You could see and feel cloud floating below, far in the horizon you see mighty hills of Mizoram, India. The valley is about 1,800 feet above the sea level. While you are walking around the village of Rui Lui Para, it would be like you are on top of a 180-floor tall building.

The Konglak hill and the Hajarchora falls are two of the mesmerizing spots you should visit.

The road from Khagrachhari district to Sajek valley will surely cause an adrenaline rush. This roller-coaster-like ride might seem too scary for some people. The jeep will be rushing at 60-70 km/hour, and if an accident occurs you could fall thousands of feet below!

Overall, Sajek can be the perfect tourist destination for you and your friends if you are planning to visit beautiful places in Bangladesh.

Kaptai Lake, Rangamati

Kaptai is a notoriously big lake – 11,122 square kilometers. A day-long cruise in the lake can be one of most peaceful things you can do. It’s almost impossible to roam through the whole lake in a day. The lake has thousands of rocky hills.

Shuvolong waterfalls and Tuk Tuk eco-village are two of the best tourist destinations in the lake. From on the top of the Shuvolong hill, you can enjoy one of the best views Bangladesh can offer you. Oh, by the way, you can have the tastiest bamboo chicken in Kaptai lake. Don’t miss it!

You can also visit the Buddhist monastery, the famous Rajaban Bihar.

Nilgiri, Nilachal, and Meghla, Bandarban

If you have a weakness for the hills, Bandarban has the most to offer to you. Nilgiri, Nilachal, and Meghla are three of the most commonly visited place in Bandarban. These three places designed to attract tourists. So, if you should be afraid of trekking and tiring climbs. Remember, these are tourist destinations, not traveling destinations.

If you want to witness the true beauty, we suggest you start early and enjoy the morning view from the hill-tops. The jeep ride will be worth remembering throughout your whole life. But it is not as scary as the road from Khagrachhari to Sajek. It’s another one of the most visiting places in Bangladesh.

Remakri, Nafakhum, Amiakhum, and Debota Pahar, Bandarban

If you call yourself a true “traveler” with courage, you must pay a visit to these places. Debota Pahar is the toughest trekking spot in Bangladesh. The stiff climbing of Debota Pahar can challenge the bravest trekkers.

The Thanchi-Remakri-Nafakhum-Amiakhum trail is challenging yet satisfying. You can see scenic beauties in the trail that common tourist spots cannot offer you. This journey is raw, natural, and purely wild. 

Although we want to warn you about something – you should avoid going there is the rainy season. It would be extremely dangerous for those who don’t have the stamina or courage.

We think these are some of the best places to visit in Bangladesh for those who call themselves adventurous.

Srimangal, Jaflong and Ratargul Swamp Forest, Sylhet

If you haven’t been to Sylhet, you are yet to see one of the best tourist destinations in Bangladesh. Those who just love the melancholic environment of rain should pay a visit to Sylhet in the rainy season. Jaflong is just simply majestic. Words aren’t enough to describe some beauties – Jaflong falls in that category. We recommend you to have camping in Jaflong.

Srimangal is both the coldest and the wettest place in Bangladesh. You shouldn’t miss the Lawachhara National Park and Ham-Ham waterfalls, you are planning to visit Srimangal.

In recent years, Ratargul swamp forest has gained much popularity. We genuinely urge you to visit Ratargul. You will witness the true definition of tranquility.

Final Thought

That was our pick for most visiting places in Bangladesh. We hope you pay a visit to these places – you will understand how beautiful Bangladesh truly is. There are wonderful Bangladesh tourism packages you can find in Amarroom. We are here to help.

But we humbly request you not to litter while you are visiting. Please don’t destroy the scenic beauties while you are visiting.

Moreover, please pay respect to the tribal cultures and their norms. It would be shameful for us if we look down upon them. After all, we are guests visiting their homes, and they are as much as Bangladeshi as we are.  

So, when are you packing your bags? Nature is calling you!