Rangamati Tourist Spots: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Rangamati Tourist Spots

Among the popular tourist destinations of Bangladesh, Rangamati somewhat comes later in people’s minds. We think it is just plain injustice to this magnificent land. There are a lot of places to see and visit when you are in Rangamati. So, today we would look deeper into the Rangamati tourist spots.

You could be thinking of only the Rangamati hanging bridge. If you think there is not much to see except that bridge, you have a really bad idea about tourism in Bangladesh.

So, how should come up with a traveling plan for Rangamati city?

Don’t think too much; we are here to help you out!

A Brief Idea about Rangamati District

We will not go through the facts and information about the place – a simple Google search should enough for that. We will give you a more practical idea. You can get to Rangamati from Dhaka via direct bus service. The city area is really small, and you shouldn’t expect tourism to thrive like Cox’s Bazar here.

You will not find any luxurious hotels. There are some mediocre options available. We will name the names of the hotels. That decision should be completely yours. Although, you could check out the best hotel deals in We hardly think that you will find better options on other websites.

Rangamati tourist spots

Although the city of Rangamati is quite small, the district is actually the biggest in Bangladesh. Yes, Rangamati is the biggest district area-wise. A large portion of the district is the Kaptai lake.

In the northern side of Rangamati is Sajek valley. A lot of travelers and tourists think that Sajek is in the Khagrachhari district. We know people tend to get confused about it. Although Sajek is in Rangamati district, the route is much simpler from Khagrachhari via Dighinala. There is no direct road connection from the Rangamati zero point to Sajek.

Just between the great Kaptai lake and Sajek, there is the Pablakhali wildlife sanctuary. Generally, ordinary tourists don’t visit Pablakhali as there is no good transport system, so it not technically a popular Rangamati tourist spot.

There is another wildlife sanctuary in Rangamati – the Bogakine lake wildlife sanctuary. People also don’t visit this place much often due to the same transport related problem.

Okay, that was the geography class. We don’t want to bore you anymore. Let’s jump to the main point – how should you plan the ultimate Rangamati visit with your family or friends or both?

The Ultimate Rangamati Travel Plan

As Rangamati is a huge district, we cannot make a continuous journey. So, it would be a collection of discrete journeys.

Let’s begin!

  1. A Day Long Boat Journey in Kaptai Lake

Rangamati visit is kind of based around the Kaptai lake visit. Kaptai is an enormous lake with an area of 11,000 square kilometers. You might be thinking that this lake is a natural one. On the contrary, the lake is a human-made lake created in 1962.

The dam on the Karnafuli river caused the creation of the lake. Kaptai lake is divided into two large portions where the Karnafuli river acts as the connecting bridge between the two. 

Rangamati tourist spots

So, how can you enjoy the lake?

You should start off soon in the morning by renting a boat from the hanging bridge point. The boat fare will vary depending on how far you are planning to go. Typically, people hire the boat to the infamous Shuvolong waterfalls. The waterfall is by the side of the narrow passage between the two parts of the Kaptai lake.

Apart from the Shuvolong waterfalls, there are many small waterfalls that you can see throughout the lake. When you are visiting the Shuvolong waterfalls, you should also check the Shuvolong hill. It’s just a small hill having about 1,800 feet height. From the top of the hill, you can see almost the entire Shuvolong part of the Kaptai lake. The view from the top is just surreal.

You could also see a gigantic Buddha statue on the way to Shuvolong. You could make a stoppage and check this temple.

It would be past noon when you will be returning from Shuvolong, and you should be quite hungry by now. Don’t worry, Kaptai lake has some great tribal restaurants to satisfy you huger and appetite. You can enjoy many mouth-watering dishes here at the restaurants. We insist you try out the bamboo chicken here. You can taste the most authentic bamboo chicken here. Soon after your lunch, you could return the hanging bridge.

2. Kayaking in Kaptai

These days people are going for kayaking in the Kaptai lake. This new trend in the country has been quite popular among travelers. Even there are some kayaking clubs that offer all the equipment for the enthusiasts. It could be a wonderful experience for those who are looking for doing something new. Actually, kayaking has made Rangamati tourist spots even more attractive to the local tourists.

With the kayaking facility, a tour to Kaptai has got a new meaning to the travelers. So, if you are confident enough and looking for something new and exciting, you should go for kayaking in Kaptai.

3. The Ever Serene Sajek

Sajek is the new number one tourist destination among the local travelers. There are plenty of reasons for people to fall in love with the Sajek valley. We mean, how many of you wake up to a scenery where clouds are floating way below your balcony.

We know a lot of you are shocked seeing the name of Sajek in the list as most of you might have thought it was in the Khagrachhari district. Well, it is not. When you are in Sajek, there are a lot of things to see.

First of all, the road from Dighinala to Sajek is nothing short of an adventure ride. In one word we would say it is – thrilling. On the way to Sajek, you could stop at the Hajarchora waterfalls. Still, not many people know about this waterfall so it shouldn’t be too crowdy. It is just by the road from Dighinala to Sajek. Then, there is the Konglak hill just by the valley.

Sajek is a place for complete relaxation. You should make things complicated with thoughts like “seeing new things.” Rather you should sit and enjoy the scenic beauty of the valley. Nights at Sajek could be chilly so you should be prepared for that. But the uncanny view in the morning is so graceful that words cannot describe the beauty.

Final words

Apart from these activities, you can pay a visit to the Chakma Rajbari, the historical landmark. The Rajaban Bihar is another great place to visit. We must tell you something, the tribe of Chakma is very conservative and lead a very peaceful life. You shouldn’t do anything that could disrupt the peace and tranquility of the environment. After all, we are guests in their lands. If you are wondering about where to say, we would suggest you to search for your ideal place in Amarroom as we try our level best to serve with the best offer available in the market.

So, that was our take on the Rangamati tours and Rangamati tourist spots. We hope that was helpful.