St. Martin Tour Guide – The Unreal Beauty of Bangladesh

Saint Marting

You may have heard about controlling the number of visitors in St. Martin island. But, that news shall not stop you from going through this St. Martin tour guide. Here, we will try our level best to give you a360-degree ambience about the most beautiful St. Martin island. We hope that you will learn everything you need to know from this St. Martin tour guide before planning a trip. 

St. Martin (Island) is the only coral island in Bangladesh a little island St. Martin is within the northeast portion of the Bay of Bengal, around 9 km south of the tip of the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf landmass. It is almost 8km west of the northwest coast of Myanmar at the mouth of the Naf Stream. Too called (The neighborhood title) “Narical Gingira”, too spelled”Narikel Janjina/Jinjera” and has an expansion named Chera Dwip.  

St. Martin Tour Guide – What You Need to Know

St. Martin’s Island is exceptionally well-known visitor spot. Presently, 3 (three) shipping liners run Regular trips to the island, counting Sea-Truck and Keary-Sindbad. On the off chance that you need to visit this arrive you’ll book your trip either from Chittagong or from Cox’s Bazar. Our St. Martin tour guide will give you everything that is necessary a quick tour to this magnificent island.

If you are done partying in Cox’sBazar, St. Martin’s Island is the right place to calm down your soul. This coral island is about 10km (6mi) south-west of the southern tip of the mainland is a tropical cliché, with beaches fringed with coconut palms and bountiful marine life. This island has the most amazing blue water. Far from the maddening crowd, the serenity in this island will help you meditate and purify your soul. This air is so fresh and soothing. And the water is clearer than crystal. During any moonlight in St. Island, you may end up deciding to stay in this island forever. And sea-foods here are not only delicious but also abundant in variation. 

This amazing island is so small that it is possible to walk around the entire island. Each day a ferry leavesTeknaf for St. Martin’s Island which takes only 3 hours. You can hop in a Bus from Cox’s Bazar which will easily take you to St. Martin’s Island. And if you want to go directly from Dhaka, hop in a Dhaka-Teknaf Bus.  

A Short Overview on St. Martin Tour Guide

Saint Martin’s Island is located in the southeast part of Bangladesh, North East of the Bay of Bengal and 9Kilometer South of the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf peninsula tip and at the Mouth of Naf River. This island situated between 20 degrees 34 minute and 20 degrees39-minute North latitude and 92 degrees 18 minute and 92 degrees 21 East longitudes. About 5.2 Square Kilometer area covers this island. Including theRocky are of the sea it covers 12 square kilometers.

Saint Martin Island

This Island is divided into five regions. Uttar Para (Uttar means North and Para means area) which is the northern part of Saint Martin’s Island. Golachipa is the connector of two regions. Gola chip indicates the narrow area. It connects Madhya and Uttar Para. Madhya Para means that it is located in the middle area. Madhya means middle. It situated south of the Golachipa Area. Dakhin Para is located southern part of the Saint Martin Island. This area covers with rocky reef, and the last area is Cheradia which is the southernmost tip.      

St. Martin Tour Guide – How to Go!

If you are planning to visit from Dhaka there are many ways to go, you can travel by air, you can travel by bus us and also you can travel with Train to Chittagong from Dhaka. After you reach cox’s bazar you need to book a ticket and hotel for you from Cox’s bazar to you have to travel by bus to Teknaf port from there it is only 2 or less hour journey on the ship. There are total 3 ships that goes to St. Martian and all the ships come back from the island everyday by 3pm. You can also book a direct Dhaka to Teknaf bus and go to Taknaf directly. You can enjoy the peaceful nature here. You can have many kind of fish, you can have fish BBQ as well at night by the beach.

  Dawn on the east side of the island, and after a sluggish day head over to the west side for nightfall. Dusk Point could be a rough peninsula on the northwest corner of the island, close to Saint Martin’s Resort, which exists as it were at low tide — a well-known spot in case dusk and low tide coincide. Village life is slow paced — most work happens within the morning and evening, whereas late morning is saved for drying fish and rice and offering your coconuts.

What’s More?

There’s an Ocean Turtle Incubation center on the west side of the island south of Shemana Pereye Resort. It’s not officially open to guests, but it’s more often than not purge and the entryway opened. On the off chance that it’s the correct season there will be a few bamboo cages within the sand with eggs buried beneath them — not much to see, but it’s pleasant to know that great work is being done. Beneath the Ocean Turtle Preservation ExtendSTURCNET (Ocean Turtle Preservation Network).

The Food & Accommodation Facility in St. Martin

As we said, we will cover everythingon this St. martin tour guide. You need to know that food could be a bitcostlier here than on the mainland. All of the hotels moreover haverestaurants, with higher costs and superior quality than those close theharbor. Chicken is now and then accessible but not exceptionally delicious, and lobster and crab may be accessible sometimes at exceptionally high costs.  

The accommodation facilities in SaintMartain island is good. There are several great hotels in the island.

The area around the pier, on the northeast tip of the island, is called Narikeldia, where you’ll discover a number of inns and eateries. From here you’ll pass through the little town of Uttarpara en course to West Shoreline, which is the most pleasant put to remain. The southern portion of the island is called Dakshinpara. Indeed, assist south is Cherradhip, a lean strip of untouched arrive which is cut off from the rest of the island at the tall tide.

Final Words

And more you can book your travel guide from   so that your journey becomes more smooth and peaceful. Why take hassle on your trip when you can just visit instead and listen to undulating sonic sounds of ocean waves, and reflecting on the puzzles of manifestations when the time is on your side, is an experience that should be felt as it were, not described.  

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