Sajek Tour Guide – Brace Your Soul


Welcome everyone to this very Sajek Tour Guide. Guys, it is absolutely true that Bangladesh is known for its vast rivers, hills, the largest sea beach in the world, the swamp forest. Everything is green around here, it is a land of mystery. One can easily find peace is the sea or hills. Bangladesh is a century old country with a lot of heritage as well. There are so many places to visit in Bangladesh and all the places are fully natural and peaceful. Sea was always the center of the attraction for all people but recently hills are getting more and more popularity as hills are more natural and peaceful place to be.

Sajek tour guide

Sajek (also known as Sajek valley) is one of the hill spots that has been to the center of the attraction for quite few time. It is a natural hilly escape point with an amazing view. The following Sajek tour guide can help you to make a virtual tour in this amazingly beautiful place.  

Sajek Tour Guide – What’sMake Sajek so beautiful

Deep clouds, view from the high hill and of course rain is the main attraction of this place, the best part is Sajek is suitable for family, friends, and couples, you can visit Sajek any time of the year but it becomes more green and beautiful in the rainy season. Now a day it has become a center of attraction for people in Bangladesh and also for people who leave outside of Bangladesh. You can watch the clouds pass from Sajek hilltop and let all of your emotion go!

Sajek tour is one of the best places for a weekend tour with your friends or family or partner. The valley is 2000 feet over-ocean level. The title of Sajek Valley came from Sajek Stream that starts from Karnafuli stream. Sajek stream is at the border of Bangladesh and India. Sajek is surrounded by beautiful mountains, forest, and rivers. One can easily find inner peace by going on a Sajek tour.

Dhaka to Sajek –  Your Way to Amusement 

If your mind is set and you are ready to go on the Sajek tour, this is how you should go from Dhaka to Sajek. Sajek is found in Baghaichhari Upazila of Rangamati area. It is the greatest union of Bangladesh.  In spite of the fact that Sajek is found in Rangamati area, due to great street communication, visitors visit here by Khagrachari locale. Sajek BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) Site is the highest camp in Bangladesh. There is a helipad here. 

From Dhaka, you can go to Khagrachari byShyamoli and Hanif Paribahan, bus tariff is 520 Taka. If you want to go toDighinala straight by Shanti Paribahan then bus tariff is 580 Taka. SaintMartin Paribahan & BRTC AC buses are there as well. 

From Khagrachari one can reach Sajak through three ways, Chand Gari (Jeep), CNG, and motorcycle. The most common medium is to reserve a Jeep from Khagrachari city. It will cost you around 4500-5500 Taka. But it may vary maximum 10 to 15 people can sit easily. Visitors mostly book a Jeep for the whole time they stay at Sajek, this way visitors can visit many places near Sajek and also come back to Khagrachari easily but it is your choice. You can also visit by CNG or by Bike, but be very careful if you go with a bike because roads are quite zigzag and uphill. So ask your biker to be very careful.  

Sajek Tour Guide – Whereto stay 

There are lots of Good resorts in Sajek all the resorts are safe and secure there, but if you fall into any trouble don’t forget to ask for Bangladesh Army’s help. They are very helpful to the visitor and they will help you in every way.    

  • Rui-Lui Para / Sajek Resort: This resort is managed by Bangladesh Army. There are four rooms on this resort.
  • Sajek Valley Resort:  With this resort, you can have a VIP room and the best view of the Sajek Valley. What would you need more from a Sajek tour? To many fellow Sajek travelers, Sajek Valley is the dream place to be in to enjoy this heavenly place to the best.
  • Runmoy: There are rooms on the top and ground floor. This is one of the finest and coziest resorts in Sajek. The pricing is not that much as well.
  • Meghalaya Resort: Enjoy the Beautiful view of Sajek with this resort. There are many rooms available here. To many travelers who search for Sajek tour guide in the web, Meghalaya Resort is very popular for its cost-effective facilities. 
  • Kajalong Resort: Good view, they have deluxe rooms, single room, and couple rooms as well. If you are looking for some places where you can stay with pure peace, this is the resort for your upcoming Sajek tour.
  • Bonolata Cottage This is a cozy and peaceful place to be, they have family and couple room available. While planning for having a tour in Sajek with family, consider Bonolata as your finest choice.
  • Fodangthang Resort: You can also enjoy a lovely view from this report. They have a couple and family rooms. If you want to view, facility and price all in a compatible package, you shall not keep this resort out of your checklist. 

What About Other Resorts? 

There are also other resorts such as: Mono Adam Resort, Adora hotel, and resort, Tareng Resort at Baghicari Rangamati, Himachal resort, Morning star hotel, Maitree hotel and resort, Bihaan, Hill cottage, Emang Nukh, Alo Resort Sajek Valley, Emmanuel Resort, Sara Resort, Rui-Lui Para Club House.  

There are many options available but if you want to make your Sajek tour more memorable you can book all the stuff ahead so that you can enjoy peacefully. Best to visit in the rainy season or if you want to enjoy the shivering cold of the hillside, winter can be an option as well. We believe this Sajek tour guide can give you a complete overview.  

Food Facility forTourists 

Do not forget about dinning facility while looking out for resort in Sajek tour guide. Before going and before having food you have to inform and order your desired food. You will not be able to have instant food there. Every time you want to eat you need to order beforehand! Food will cost you up to 100-200Tk. Per person. You can have the vegetable, chicken there.    

On your way home you can visit Hazachara fountain, Dighinala Hanging Bridge, and Dighinala Banbihar. Move as quickly as possible to visit all these places in one day.

In Dighinala there is fountain namedToiduchara, you will have to spend a whole day if you want to see this amazingfountain. It is 6-7 hours to walk from Jamtoli of Dighinala. 

Well, there you have it, everything you need to know about your Sajek tour, it is a nice soothing place where your mind will be freshening after your visit here. Why take all the hassle of booking car, resorts and making the plan, instead you can chill relax and give all of your excess tension to can facilitate you by making plans for your next trip. From resort booking to renting car for your Sajek tour, everything will be taken care of. Make your Sajek journey more relaxing for you at the best price you can imagine.

Take care. Have a nice journey.