Sundarbans Tour Guide – The Biggest Mangrove Adventure for You


Greeting everyone to this verySundarbans tour guide. Being a Bangladeshi, it is very obvious that you have severely heard about the mighty Sundarbans. If you haven’t visited there yet, this very Sundarbans tour guide will take you to your life’s biggest mangrove adventure.

Sundarbans National park is one of the heritage locations in Sundarbans. Where the land meets to the ocean at the southern tip of West Bengal lies the Indian Sundarbans, the area of invulnerable mangrove forest of incredible measure and bio-diversity. A UNESCO WorldLegacy Location, the Sundarbans is the vast area covering 4264 square km in India alone. The Indian Sundarbans shapes the biggest Tiger Save and NationalStop in India. A heaven for birdwatchers, the list incorporates such rarities as the Veiled Fin foot, Mangrove Pitta and the Mangrove Whistler. 

Sundarbans Tour Guide – Throwback to History

The title Sundarbans deciphers to”beautiful forest”, in any case, regularly it is proposed that the title may have determined from the ‘Sundari’ trees, which are copious there. The Sundarbans is universally celebrated for the Illustrious Bengal Tiger, FoggyMangrove forests, spectacular Sundarbans view, over 500 Sundarbans CreatureSpecies counting: fowls, angling cats, spotted deer, monkeys, crocodiles, and snakes. 

The Sundarbans are a portion of the world’s biggest delta shaped by the compelling waterways of Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna. Arranged on the lower conclusion of the Gangetic WestBengal, it is additionally the world’s biggest estuarine forest. The Sundarbansis crisscrossed by hundreds of rivers and tributaries. It is one of the foremost alluring and charming places remaining on soil, a genuinely unfamiliar heaven for anyone. Sundarbans National park is one of the well-known locations for the visitors.  

Sundarbans Tour Guide – Places to Pay Visit

Kotka Beach

There are numerous Traveler Spotin Sundarbans. Katka is one of Heritage destinations in Sunder ban. Katka a base for safaris, and a good spot to see tigers and bird. Katka is well known for numerous uncommon and grand wild creatures. At Katka, one can see numerous valuable wild creatures right from tigers to deer additionally assortments of feathered creatures and numerous sorts of monkeys. Here one can listen the natures’ music blended with the wild fowls within the mornings and nighttime’s. 


Karmajal is one of the superb visiting places in Sundarbans. To appreciate and to see the foremost valuable species of Bangladesh’s natural life, thousands of guests make their way to Karamjol, a ranger station deep within the forest that too serves as a deer-breeding center. Bangladesh has a few dazzling natural life species that are one of a kind to the nation, andKaramjol is one of the doors to the grand natural life asylum, Sundarbans. Karamjol and the breathtaking natural world of the Sundarbans Natural life. To stand in one of the world’s greatest mangrove belts, the puzzling forests and overwhelm land, and be in the midst of the beautiful wilderness of Bangladesh, is an encounter that will stay until the end of time implanted within the hearts of those who come to investigate Bangladesh. 


Hiron Point

In many Sundarbans tour guide, you will definitely find something about Hiron point. There’s a number of spot in Sundarbans. Hiron Point is another traveler spot in Sundarbans. It is called the world heritage state. Hiron Point could be a smooth spot, extraordinary for spotting tigers and other marvelous and uncommon natural life creatures. Moreover, known as Nilkamal, it is well-known for tiger, deer, monkey, crocodiles and numerous valuable fowls. Regularly they are looking out there. This put pulls in many tourists owing to its natural excellence and connate splendor. This can be a place to have a see at the uncommon species of wild creatures and feathered creatures, to be famous within the journal of fowl watchers and natural life enthusiasts. Every guests can Appreciate their time by observing this wonderful scenery of the nature.

Dublar Char Island

Dublar Char, a lovely island known for its beautiful scenes, is popular for fishing and could be a location for fishermen with plenteous offish fauna. One can appreciate the angling here and have a to begin with hand encounter of this fun-filled activity. The Island has all the characteristic excellence of any other places of the world famous Islands. On the eastern sideof this island, Waterway Passur streams, whereas on the western side WaterwayShibsha. In expansion, this island is known for its lovely views.

The Island has all the common excellence of any of the world recognized Islands. It is an appealing island where groups of spotted deer are fre quently seen to touch. A casual walk around the Island gives the visitor with the chance of spotting numerous wild creatures. With water all around and with parts of angle fauna, Dublar Char offers special involvement to the eager guests.

Tin Konna Island

Tin Kona Island, means three-cornered Island, is another well-known spot for natural life spotting in Sundarbans. Tin Kona Island is well known for tiger and deer, where one can come over the genuine natural life. This island has a charming, but wild excellence combined with wild timberlands and estuaries. Many sightseers visit this Island fair to have a few help from the active town life and to induce perfect resting place, blended with the wild excellence of woodlands and natures’ favors.

Sundarbans Tour Guide – The Costing

Having an appropriate visit at Sundarbans is costly. To diminish cost, most individuals travel Sundarbans in the large group at least of 40 individuals or more. On these visits, individuals utilize huge vessels to go to the forest and conclusion up seeing nearly nothing and exceptionally much disillusioned, as these huge vessels cannot indeed enter the limit canals of the timberlandsince of the shallow draft. But as it were these contract canals give a chanceto spot most of the natural life where less individuals go.

Right now the Sundarbans are separated into 55 compartments beneath four woodland ranges outlined by streams, canals, and rivers. Right now interior the Sundarbans there are three natural life havens: East, West and South asylum.

Final Words

Since visiting Sundarbans is quite expensive and it need lots of planning, so why take all the hassle by yourself or for the group when you can have it all planed by Just call us and we will set up a Sundarbans trip for you without any hassle, the one you will only enjoy no hassle at all. You will find tons of agencies who are offering lucrative and cheap Sundarbans tour packages. But, this very Sundarbans Tour guide is made to help you by offering proper ideas about the place and overall costing. If you want us to review any other beautiful places of Bangladesh. Let us know. Besides, stay with us. Because folks, we are coming up with more.