The Perfect Sylhet Day Tour of Jaflong and Lalakhal

Sylet day tour

Whenever you are thinking of getting a relief in the lush green hills, Sylhet is sure to come in one’s mind. You can never deny the scenic beauty of Sylhet if you a true tourist. For those of you who are searching for the best Sylhet day tour plan, we have good news for you.

There are a number of places to visit in Sylhet – nature has showered numerous gifts to this region. In fact, Sylhet has so many great places to visit that one single day is barely enough to enjoy the beauty of it.

Sylhet day tour

Today, we are going to tell you about two special places that are inseparable from a decent Sylhet tour guide. These two places are Jaflong and Lalakhal – two of the must visits that are booming Sylhet tourism these days.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Jaflong – the Cornerstone of Sylhet’s Tourism

People are often looking for the must-visit places on the internet before planning a tour. We think, for Sylhet, Jaflong would be such a place. This could fit into the best tourist destination in Bangladesh easily – Jaflong is simply majestic.

When we are talking about Jaflong, we are actually meaning the Jaflong Zero Point. The place is not exactly in the city of Sylhet – you will have to go to the Bangladesh-India border to enjoy this beauty.

Jaflong has so much to offer; everyone loves different things about this place. But none can deny the sight of dozens of gigantic waterfalls of Meghalaya. The waterfalls, green hills of Meghalaya will stun you with its magnificence.

Sylhet tour guide

Then there is the Piain river with millions of colorful stones underneath the crystal-clear water. Those of who just LOVE taking photos, this river might give you the best opportunity of taking brilliant photos.

The weather is too unpredictable here – at times you will see heavy showers while in the next moment you could see sunshine flickering through the clouds. Jaflong looks totally different in different weather. If you are lucky enough, you could enjoy both the rain and the mild sun in the day.

Another reason of Jaflong tourist spot being one of the best in Bangladesh is Sengram Punji waterfall. This waterfall is in Sengram Punji Khashia village. Although the waterfall is located in India, Bangladeshi travelers can climb up the waterfall. But you should plan your tour during the monsoon to enjoy the beauty at its best.

So, how can you go to Jaflong?

It’s simple. You can either take a bus from Sylhet city or ride your own vehicle to Jaflong. But we suggest you to be careful you are driving there yourself as the journey will get bumpy!

If you are planning to stay at Jaflong, there are a couple of hotels there. You shouldn’t expect these Jaflong hotels to be of 5-star standard. They are okay, we guess!

So, when should you plan a tour in Jaflong?

Well, you should either plan it in the rainy season or in the winter. In the rainy season, you can witness the beauty of the falls at it’s best. You should never miss the sight of the falls – it could be the best scene you have ever in your life (if you haven’t been to Cherapunji or Meghalaya). If you are more interested to see the stones of the Piain river, you better go there in the winter.

So, when are you packing your bags?

Lalakhal – The “True-Blue” Canal

Next on our Sylhet day tour plan will be the Lalakhal. You could visit both the Jaflong and Lalakhal in a single day if you can manage your time properly.

Some might question – why Lalakhal, what’s so special about it?

We would ask them another question in return – how many rivers have you seen so far that has pure blue water?

It is rare, isn’t it?

Actually, you can see more than blue water in this canal like green, blue, aquamarine, and crystal clear from place to place. There is no specific point you would be planning to visit. It’s about the journey. Lalakhal is amidst forest, hills, and rivers. The water source of this canal comes from the Myntdu river all the way from Meghalaya, India. The name of the river changes from Myntdu to Shari-Gowain when it enters Bangladesh.

What makes the river water so clean and clear?

Tons of minerals are carried by the water while flowing that causes the water to have such clarity.

You can take a speedboat or a cruise boat from Shari-Gowain river to roam around Lalakhal. You could even arrange the boat from Nazimgarh Resort as they offer lifejackets. Moreover, you can see a thing or two of Nazimgarh which another great place to visit in Sylhet.

If you hire the boat locally from Shari-Gowain river bank, you could save some money. The Sharighat boats would cost about 1,000-1,500 BDT while the boats from Nazimgarh resort cost about 2,000-5,000 BDT.

You should check out the pricing for Nazimgarh Garden Resort at your most reliable as you can get 0% EMI that would shed off the cost. 

You will have to take a car, a jeep, or a battery-driver auto rickshaw from Sylhet and ride about 35 KM to reach Nazimgarh resort.

There are very few places as relaxing as the cruise in Lalakhal. It’s calming, serene, and utterly refreshing. If you are tired and sick of the chaotic melancholy of Dhaka, Lalakhal could be breath of fresh air for you to recharge. 

Final Words

A tour in Sylhet is truly refreshing. Sylhet has a lot to offer – tea gardens, hills, waterfalls, forests, rivers, and canals. We almost forgot to mention another thing; there is nothing as beautiful as a rainy day in Sylhet. It almost feels like a soul cleansing experience!

Apart from Jaflong and Lalakhal, you can visit Nazimgarh resort, Lawachhara, Ratargul swamp forest, and Luvachora. But these places would take more than a day properly enjoy. We would talk about them in another article.

So, this was our view on the perfect tourist destinations for Sylhet day tour. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.