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Have you even been to the greenest part of Bangladesh? If not, take a virtual tour through this very Sylhet tour reviews prepared by our experts. So, let’s get started.

The Sylhet district is called the country of two leafs in one bud. Besides the natural beauty, Sylhet district has the amazing of the glorious history. This district’s remarkable tea garden has taken place in the heart of Local and foreign tourists. Besides the Tea gardens there are a lot of tourist attractions in Sylhet such as, gardens Rataragul water lake, Hakaluki estates, Lalakhal, Bholaganj, Tamabil, Bichanakandi and Jaflong etc. There are a variety of different languages and cultures of the indigenous peoples living here. There are 20 visitor attractions found in Sylhet. This can be 30% of all traveler attractions recorded in Sylhet Division. The major sorts of traveler attractions recorded here are nature attractions and galleries. At that point there’s moreover entertainment parks recorded in Sylhet.

A Little Overview on Sylhet Tour Reviews

Sylhet is an ancient township located on the northeastern border of Bangladesh. Celebrated as the otherworldly capital of the nation, it is wealthy in woodland, minerals and fisheries and normal magnificence. The lovely view of Jaintia Slopes, the rich magnificence of Jaflong, and the rolling rocks of Bholaganj surprise the tourists. Here described some most visited tourist places in Sylhet.

Sylhet Tour Reviews – Places to Visit

  • Ratargul Swamp Forest
Sylhet tour reviews

This is one of 22 swamp forests within the world. The eye-catching excellence of this forest pulls in guests from all the corners of the nation. It is found in Gowainghat upazila of Sylhet. A parcel of sightseers come to Sylhet to appreciate the magnificence of the forest. It is almost 26 kilometers away from Sylhet city. This exquisite forest may be compared to Amazon. It is additionally known as the world’s greatest freshwater swamp forest. According to the forest division, the measure of this forest is 3,325.61 acres. Within the forest, different species of wild creatures like Tiger, Squirrel, Monkeys, and Eggs and numerous other creatures are seen.

  • Bisnakandi
Sylhet tour reviews

This astonishing place of natural excellence is found at Gowainghat sub-district in Sylhet district. The most attraction of this spot is the waterway. The place appears like a shake bed as there are stones scattered within the waterway. The magnificence of nature is dazzling here. In spite of the fact that it needs a long travel to reach this spot, the quietness and excellence of nature evacuate all the fatigues of the tourists. The best time to visit there is rainy season.

  • Jaflong
Sylhet tour reviews

Enjoying the Sylhet tour reviews? Here, we are presenting the most beautiful Jaflong. It is one the most visited visitor attractions in Bangladesh. It is 60 kilometers away from Sylhet city which is approximately one-and-a-half-hour travel from Sylhet city by road. The most marvelous perspective of Jaflong is the collection of stones from the slopes and tea gardens. Jaflong is arranged at the foot of the Khasia slopes and along Mari Stream. Mari Waterway has started from the Himalayas Mountain. A Million tons of stone come in with the tide of the waterway. You’ll unquestionably appreciate the collection of stones through the journey of the Mari Waterway. This waterway is additionally known as the Piayeen River.

  • Lalakhal
Sylhet tour reviews

Lalakhal is located in Jointapur Upazila around 35 km away from Sylhet city. The portion of lalakhal close Tamabil Street title Shari River. The foremost appealing and curiously thing of this river is different color of water. Water of distinctive portion of this waterway be different such as blue, green and crystal. You’ll be able reach Lalakhal by boat or speed boat on the crystal water of Shari River.

  • Hakaluki Haor
Sylhet tour reviews

Hakaluki haor is consisted with 238 swamp or bill. It is a region of tremendous sweet water. Two stream Juri and panai are the most source of water of this haor. Hakaluki fills with water within the stormy season. In this time its profundity is 2-6 meter. The most bills are: Chtla charge, Cukia charge, Pinglar kona charge, futi charge, Tural charge, Tekuni charge, Paol charge, Juyala charge, Khayarkona charge, balijuri charge, Kukurdubi charge, Birai charge, Dudal charge etc. It is a beautiful place to visit for the visitors.

  • Tamabil
Sylhet tour reviews

Ever green slopes and crystal water of lake can deliver you an incredible touch of nature. Truly it is amazing!! The land port Tamabil is located at Goainghat Upazila in Shylet. On street it is approximately 56 km from Shylet city. It is known moreover as jaflong zero point. As it may be a border region so it is simple to see the indian slopes, waterfall and shower. There are parts of waterfall past the border. Those are exceptionally incredible to see in sundown. Individuals crowded to see this lovely scene in Tamabil border. Beyonds the tamabil there’s Megaloy state of India.


These are the main attraction of Sylhet, there are more place to visit at Sylhet and all of them are beautiful, there are museum, amusement park and Mazar you can visit. There are 20 tourist attractions found in Sylhet. So, are you making up minds to visit Sylhet as soon as possible? Then, don’t forget to take this Sylhet tour reviews as a guideline.

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So, pack you bag and get on the road to Sylhet.