Tanguar Haor Tour Guide – A Short Overview


Tanguar haor is found within the Dharmapasha and Tahirpur upazilas of Sunamganj District in Bangladesh, is an interesting wetland environment of national significance and has come into worldwide focus. The range of Tanguar haor counting 46 towns inside the haor is almost 100 km2 of which 2,802.36 ha2 is wetland. It is the source of job for more than 40,000 individuals. The Government of Bangladesh announced Tanguar haor as an Environmentally Basic Zone in 1999 considering its basic condition as a result of overexploitation of its normal assets. In 2000, the hoar bowl was pronounced a Ramsar location – wetland of worldwide significance. With this affirmation, the Government is committed to protect its characteristic assets and has taken a few steps for assurance of this wetland.

In case you’ll be able oversee at slightest 2 days & 3 night out of your chaotic mechanical life and want to spend a few quality time within the heart of the nature at that point, Expensive reader, Tanguar Haor in Sonam Ganj is the perfect spot you’ll be able ever inquire for. Here you’ll be able get to see and live Mountains, Hillocks, Haor (Characteristic Lakes) all within the same put.

Daughter of the Beautiful Bangladesh – Tanguar Haor

tanguar haor

While getting started with the Tanguar Haor tour guide, you must have heard how beautiful this place is. This haor is a perfect place for the migratory feathered creatures. Each winter approximately 200 sorts of transient birds come to this haor and make their transitory territory here. Once upon a time the zamindars of Sunamganj region utilized to create journey into this haor with huge Pansi water crafts for chasing winged creatures.

During the total moon, putting one’s head down into the coasting watercraft whereas looking up to the endless sky encompassed huge to small hills can alter your thought around life and take you to the otherworldly realms. So, here is the point by point “Tangor Haor”.

Tanguar Haor Tour Guide – How to Go?

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To go to Tanguar Haor first you need to go travel from to Sylhet from Sylhet you need to go to SunamGanj, but when you stop at Sylhet do not forget to have food at Pansi or Pachbhai Restaurant or enjoy the fresh air of Sylhet. From SunamGanj you need to go to Taherpur. To go to Taherpur you need to have a laguna. After that you need to hire a boat go to the market and get some food and water. Hiring the perfect board is a matter, do remember that but if you get the right board with good crew because with their help you are going to have an amazing tour of your life. And also if you are staying for the night you need to notify the local police. Okay now in Day time enjoy visiting the lake here and there but at night try to stay in one place and you will find peace there as time goes by.

If the moon is with you, you’ll fell heavenly over there. The water the weather the environment is so nice and that it will make your heart bounce. The individuals from the boat will direct you through to the rest of the places. When returning you’ll take the same course as you came.

Tangoar Haor is worth going to in winter (December to February) when visitors would be welcomed by thousands of neighborhood and transient species of birds, as well as within the stormy season (June to August) when bustling waves alongside unremitting downpours and Meghalayan clouds make a scene that charms all and sundry.


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To enjoy the beauty of Tanguar Haor, it is highly suggested to visit there in the monsoon. How to go and do things? Check this Tanguar Haor tour guide, now!