Top 8 Visiting Places Near Dhaka

12Sadarbari (Sardar Bari) Rajbari palace, Folk Arts Museum in Sonargaon town, Bangladesh

Living in Dhaka might seem depressing at times, mainly due to traffic and chaos. We know, sometimes even you think of quitting everything and go someplace quiet and peaceful. Well, you cannot go for hill climbing or sea surfing, but there are some great visiting places near Dhaka that you shouldn’t miss.

We will not suggest you names that are far away from the capital rather almost all the places on our list today would be fairly close, and you can make a round trip within a day. Some of these places are so magnificent that they can be included in the list of the best tourist places in Bangladesh.

1. Ahsan Manzil

Ahsan Manzil is undoubted one of the most iconic landmarks in Dhaka. Since the rise of the city Dhaka, it has been known as the land of the “Nawabs.” Ahsan Manzil kind of symbolizes all the glory of the Nawabs, landlords, Sultans on ancient Bengal.

This grand palace was built in 1872 by the richest person in the area Khawaja Abdul Gani. The location has great historic value, and it was once the summer house of the Sheikh Enayet Ullah in the Mughal period. Back then the summer house was named “Rangmahal,” and this was the most exotic place in the country as beautiful girls from Bengal and abroad came here as dancers.

Later Europeans came and took an interest in the palace. Especially, the French claimed that the Rangmahal was their property.

When Khawaja Abdul Gani claimed the palace, he made some major renovations and gave it the name Ahsan Manzil after his beloved son Ahsan Ullah. Sadly, the great palace got severely damaged by a tornado in 1888. But with the supervision of great Bengali engineer Gobinda Chandra Roy, the Ahsan Manzil was again reconstructed.

In 1952, the Government acquired the palace, and it is continuing its journey as a museum under the supervision of Dhaka National Museum.

2. Panam Nagar

Sadarbari (Sardar Bari) Rajbari palace, Folk Arts Museum in Sonargaon town, Bangladesh

Ahsan Manzil is just a single landmark, what if we told you there is a whole city for you to visit with the same kind of archeological value. Yes, we are talking about the great ancient city of Panam Nagar in Sonargaon, Narayanganj.

Panam Nagar was once occupied by wealthy Hindu merchants in the area. The early nineteenth-century architecture will keep you mesmerized the whole time. You can witness the perfect amalgamation of European architecture with a hint of traditional Bengali architecture.

In the old ruins, you can see 52 houses that could even spook you. Panam Nagar was the most prosperous city on Bengal at that time. Half of the houses were residents while the other half was entertainment hubs. Each night was a party night full of singers, dancers, and exotic drinks.

A visit to the Panam Nagar could be a great way to spend a day with your family.

3. Lalbagh Fort

The third visiting place near Dhaka in our list is another historical place with Mughal flavor. But our list would have been incomplete if we had skipped Lalbagh Fort. Basically, this fort was built by the Mughals to fight off the local pirates and establish a strong military base to protect the Mughal Saltanat.

The construction work of the for was started by the young Mughal prince Muhammad Azam. Young price lived in Bengal for about 15 months and left the province when his father Aurangzeb called him back.

The fort remained incomplete when he returned and left the job to complete for the subahdar, Shaista Kha. However, Shaista Kha didn’t complete the construction work of the fort as his beloved daughter Pari Bibi died in the premises of the fort. He called the fort ominous and never finished off the work.  

However, Lalbagh fort Dhaka is a masterpiece as the fort is full of mazes and secret tunnels. Some of the tunnels are even connected to Zinzira fort and an escape route leading on the other side of the river Buriganga.

Currently, there are several parts of Lalbagh fort – the mosque, the tomb of Pari Bibi, the residential house of the Governor, and the infamous South Gate.

4. Dhakeshwari Temple

Now, we would talk about the 1,200 years old Hindu temple. Still now, the Dhakeshwari temple is the most sacred place for the Hindu inhabitants in Dhaka. This ancient structure was built by Mangat Ray. Some folklore stories say that Mangat Ray also goes by the name of Ballala Sena. As per the historical evidence, Ballala Sena was the son of the famous Arakanese king Raja Malhana who was an alias of Husen Shah.

To visit this ancient temple, you will not have to take too much hassle. In fact, the temple is in Dhaka just a few minutes away from Lalbagh fort near the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). 

The architecture will make your jaw drop. We just want to let you know that this place very sacred to the Hindus. You shouldn’t do anything to hurt their feeling or their beliefs.

5. Star Mosque

Star mosque could be the most iconic mosque in the city of mosques Dhaka and a must visiting places near Dhaka. The mosque was constructed back in the 18th century.

Why does the mosque have such a name?

It is mainly because of the crafted mosaic stars all over the walls and ceilings. The mosque is a great example of Mughal architecture in Bangladesh. As the mosque is situated in the old Dhaka, you could even enjoy the culture of the true “Dhakaian” people.

Again, we should remind you that a mosque is a holy place for the Muslims and you should abstain from doing anything that could disrupt their peaceful lifestyle. 

6. Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho

Let’s talk about a modern architectural marvel – Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho or the National Martyr’s Memorial. It is the national monument of Bangladesh. The monument is situated in Savar passing the Jahangirnagar University.

The beauty of this place is just mesmerizing. The monument pay homage to the three million martyrs of the liberation war of 1971. This place is very consecrated to the people of Bangladesh as it symbolizes their passion and hardship for their country.

On the way to Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho, you could even visit the Jahangirnagar University having one of the most iconic sceneries among the universities of Bangladesh.

7. Bait Ur Rouf Mosque

We must talk about another mosque. This mosque is so beautiful that you will not believe your own eyes. We are talking about the iconic Bait Ur Rouf mosque. The landmark is the winner of the Aga Khan Award for architecture. All the credit goes to the insanely talented architect Marina Tabassum of the most praised architects in the country.

The mosque looks so different than the common mosques without having the common element like a minaret or dome – it’s exquisite. The porous wall and brick structure you make you fall in love with construction. 

8. Ramna Park

Lastly, we would talk about the most noteworthy park in Dhaka – Ramna park. Even in the humdrum of this chaotic city, you can find a moment of peace in this park. The park is full of lush green trees. There are well-decorated brick-built walkways inside for joggers to run. Every here and there you can see benches for people to sit and rest.

If you are a Bengali, we don’t need to introduce you to the Ramna as it the heart of the celebration of Pahela Baishakh – the Bengali new year. 

So, that was the shortlist of the beautiful places in Dhaka and a near Dhaka. Apart from these places, there are a lot of small resorts near the capital where you can rest by the river without anyone bothering you. You can find details about these peaceful resorts from Amarroom.

So, what do you think about the places and our pick on the visiting places near Dhaka? Let s know your thoughts in the comment section below.