Top Visiting Places in Cox’s Bazar – The True Travelers’ Guide!

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There is no tourist place that can top Cox’s Bazar, at least in Bangladesh. Those of you who are trying restlessly to seek inner peace in nature, you can find it at an empty beach in Cox’s Bazar. Many would argue that Cox’s Bazar has lost its appeal due to the overcrowded beaches. Yes, that’s true. But if you think this 120 km long sea beach cannot offer you peace, maybe you are just visiting the wrong places! So, today we are presenting you the top visiting places in Cox’s Bazar.

Before we continue, we must tell you something; if you are actually looking for something different in Cox’s Bazar, you need to break the stereotype ideology.

Why should you bother visiting the same Laboni, Sugandha, or Kolatoli beach that every single person in Bangladesh is visiting? You might even feel suffocated in these beaches during the on-season.

Follow our guide, and you will witness a different side of Cox’s Bazar that have never imagined in your life or any ordinary Cox’s Bazar tour package.

Be a bit adventurous mate; after all, you are on vacation!

The Ultimate List of Top Visiting Places in Cox’s Bazar

Himchori National Park

Let’s start with the basic places first. Himchori national park is just beside the common beach area of Cox’s Bazar. You will just have to take a 6 km ride along the marine drive from Kolatoli beach to get here.

We strongly recommend you to ride along the marine drive; you could even take a stroll in this road too. This road will give you the ultimate experience of mountain and sea at the same time.

From the hilltop of Himchori national park, you can enjoy the best sunset in your life – we guarantee you that. Not many people know this secret. So, without suffocating amidst the crowd in the Laboni beach, you should witness the golden sunset from this hilltop. The sunset view is much, much superior to anywhere in Cox’s Bazar. While you are here, don’t forget to check out the Himchori waterfall. Well, it is not that great of a sight but not a bad one either.

Moreover, the dense forest and the hills in the national park is something any adventurous soul would love to see.

The Parasailing Point

Yes, you could enjoy parasailing in Cox’s Bazar these days. Can you imagine yourself flying above the sea just like a bird while soft breeze caressing through your face?

We are sure you can already feel the thrill of parasailing!

top visiting places in Cox’s Bazar

The parasailing point is just in front of the Himchori national park. The place goes by the name of “FunFest Parasailing Zone” any local people can show you place. Apart from parasailing, you can enjoy water biking and other fun activities.

Let the adrenaline rush through your vein!

Inani Beach

Inani beach is another common place to visit in Cox’s Bazar. Yes, you could find quite some crowd here too. So, why should you visit?

You cannot deny the beauty of the huge corals here in Inani. You cannot even see such big chunks of coral in Saint Martin’s island.

top visiting places in Cox’s Bazar

Let us give you another tip. While a lot of people crowd the beach throughout the day, rarely some people spend a night here. Spending a night Inani beach could be an experience of a lifetime. You can find one or two great resorts here too.

Sonadia Island

This is another great place to visit in Cox’s Bazar that growing popular these days. You will have to spend the night in tents that you can rent. The quiet and peaceful beach in Sonadia island will make your journey to Cox’s Bazar even more meaningful.

You will have to get on trawlers to get here from Kastura Ghat, Cox’s Bazar. The serene beach and the salt fields will be a fun new experience for the seasoned travelers.

A lazy afternoon in the hammocks doesn’t seem like a bad idea, does it?


If you have a weakness for the historical places, you should pay a visit to the pagoda in Ramu Cox’s Bazar. You would love the Buddhist pagoda and the simple lifestyle of the Buddhist monks here.

Apart from the pagoda, you should visit the 100 Feet Buddha in Ramu Bihar. This mesmerizing statue is a must see in Cox’s Bazar. We would humbly ask you to pay respect to lifestyle and the rules of the pagoda. There are some “Dos and Don’ts” mentioned at the entrance of the Ramu Bihar. It is just a 40-minute ride from Cox’s Bazar main town.

Ramu could add a different vibe in your stay in Cox’s Bazar.  

The Original Burmese Market in Cox’s Bazar District

Who doesn’t like shopping? It is quite natural for people to buy souvenir while visiting a place. Many tourists make a common mistake – they buy these souvenirs from the shacks on the beach. We think you can save a lot if you pay a visit to the original Burmese market in Cox’s Bazar city.

You can get more authentic products with even greater variety in the market in the city. Not only there are more shops and more collections here, but also the products are cheaper and have finer quality.

Moreover, we believe you should look around and see how modern Cox’s Bazar city feels like.

Final Words

There is so much to see and so much to do while you are in Cox’s Bazar. The place doesn’t cease to impress you with the natural beauty and the colorful lifestyle of the locals. With true passion and an adventurous mind, you can make the tour to Cox’s Bazar the best thing ever possible.

Please make sure that you are keeping the environment clean by not littering garbage here and there. Cox’s Bazar is our pride, and we should do everything we can to preserve it.

So, this was our take on the top visiting places in Cox’s Bazar. Let us know your thoughts and whether we missed something important or not in the comment section below.